L-0.2, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the application of the Act respecting medical laboratories and organ and tissue conservation

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98. A funeral director’s permit may be issued only to a person who:
(a)  is 18 years of age or over;
(b)  is domiciled in Québec;
(c)  is himself the owner or tenant, or acts on behalf of a legal person, partnership or association who is the owner or tenant, of installations containing a funeral parlor with a surface area of at least 35 m and all the necessary material to arrange services;
(d)  shows that he has a sufficient knowledge of the laws and regulations respecting funeral directors.
The funeral director’s permit shall indicate whether the holder may carry out the cremation of bodies and operate a columbarium.
Where a funeral director’s permit is issued to a person acting on behalf of a cremation company in operation since at least 17 April 1974 solely for cremation purposes, or a cemetery company, an episcopal, archiepiscopal or Roman Catholic Bishop corporation, or a legal person incorporated under the Act respecting fabriques (chapter F-1), solely for the purpose of carrying out the cremation of bodies and operating a columbarium, it is not compulsory for such company to have the installations referred to in paragraph c.
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