L-0.2, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the application of the Act respecting medical laboratories and organ and tissue conservation

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220. The vehicle must be provided with the following exterior electrical group:
(a)  an intermittent hooter or a 103 dB at 30 m siren;
(b)  a 110 V, 15 A inlet, on the right side of the vehicle, which may receive current from an outer source;
(c)  a turning red light, in the centre of the roof, rotating at 360 °, composed of “sealed beams”, each with a minimum force of 35,000 cd;
(d)  4 fixed blinking red warning lights, each with a minimum force of 300 cd, each located on one corner of the roof of the vehicle, 2 directed towards the front and 2 towards the rear and located so that their light is not decreased or stopped by the doors when the latter are open;
(e)  3 charging or discharging lights, producing a minimum force of 800 cd on each side and at the rear.
The charging lights contemplated in subparagraph e must be installed so that their light is not decreased or stopped by the opening of doors and is located at the following places:
(a)  1 at the rear of the vehicle so as to brighten the work area located near the rear doors and operating when the doors are open and when the vehicle is in reverse;
(b)  1 on the right side, operating when the right side door is open;
(c)  1 on the left side.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. P-35, r. 1, s. 220.