J-3, r. 4 - Tariff of court fees before the Administrative Tribunal of Québec

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13. Appeal proceedings:
(1)  Filing of the inscription with the Tribunal, including the inscription, copy, examination and preparing of the record and its transmission to the Court of Appeal:
(a)  following upon a final judgment: $30;
(b)  following upon an interlocutory judgment: $10.
(2)  With the Court of Appeal:
(a)  appelant: $35;
(b)  respondent: $30;
These amounts include all introductory proceedings and appearances up to the final judgment, save petitions for which an amount of $10 shall be charged for each;
(c)  tax on a bill of costs:
i.  following upon final judgment: $5;
ii.  upon judgment obtained by petition: $2.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. E-24, r. 2, s. 13; S.Q. 1986, c. 61, s. 64.