J-3, r. 3 - Rules of procedure of the Administrative Tribunal of Québec

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24. A party who requires that a witness be summoned to appear, to testify about what he knows, to produce a document or both, shall complete the subpoena.
Such party is responsible for the service of the subpoena issued by a member of the Tribunal at least 5 clear days before the hearing, or at least 10 clear days before the hearing if the subpoena is addressed to a minister or a deputy minister of the Government.
In case of emergency, a member of the Tribunal may shorten the period for service of a subpoena, but it may not be less than 12 hours. The Tribunal member shall mention it on the subpoena.
A person serving a prison term may be summoned to appear only if a member of the Tribunal orders the warden or guard, as the case may be, to bring him before the court.
O.C. 1217-99, s. 24.