D-9.2, r. 13 - Regulation of the Chambre de la sécurité financière respecting compulsory professional development

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15. The application for recognition must include
(1)  a description of the training activity;
(2)  the training procedure for the activity;
(3)  a document explaining how the activity develops professional skills;
(4)  if the application is submitted before the activity is held, the name and address of the person responsible for the activity;
(5)  if the application is submitted by the representative after the activity is held, proof that the representative attended the activity;
(6)  the method of assessing successful completion of the activity, if applicable;
(7)  if the application is submitted after the activity is held by the person, organization or educational institution providing the activity, a list of participants; and
(8)  the number of PDUs and the subject to which the training activity applies.
The person, organization or educational institution applying for recognition of a training activity for financial products must also produce a written undertaking to the effect that the duration and content of the training given to the representatives reflects the duration and content proposed to the Chamber.
O.C. 1010-2006, s. 15.