D-3, r. 4 - Code of ethics of dentists

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3.06.03. To preserve professional secrecy, a dentist shall
(1)  maintain the confidentiality of all information that becomes known to the dentist in the practice of the profession;
(2)  avoid holding or participating in indiscreet conversations concerning a patient and the services provided to the patient;
(3)  take reasonable measures to ensure that the persons working with the dentist or carrying out their activities within the same company where the dentist practises his profession preserve professional secrecy;
(4)  refrain from disclosing facts or confidences that become known to the dentist, except with the patient’s written authorization or where so ordered by law; and
(5)  refrain from disclosing the fact that a person has requested the dentist’s services where that fact is likely to cause harm to the person, unless the nature of the matter requires it.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. D-3, r. 4, s. 3.06.03; O.C. 580-2005, s. 1; O.C. 499-2008, s. 6.