D-3, r. 10 - Regulation respecting the standards for equivalence of diplomas and training for the issue of a permit or a specialist’s certificate by the Ordre des dentistes du Québec

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3. The holder of a diploma in dentistry issued by a university outside Québec shall be granted a diploma equivalence if the board of directors, by resolution, accepts the certificate of the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada and if the diploma was obtained upon completion of studies comprising sufficient knowledge in the following areas:
(1)  general, dental and microscopic anatomy;
(2)  general and local anaesthesiology;
(3)  biochemistry;
(4)  oral biology;
(5)  general, oral and maxillo-facial surgery;
(6)  anxiety and pain control;
(7)  operative dentistry;
(8)  dentistry in a hospital or community centre;
(9)  diagnosis;
(10)  embryology and genetics;
(11)  endodontics;
(12)  epidemiology;
(13)  gerodontics;
(14)  dental materials;
(15)  general and oral medicine;
(16)  microbiology;
(17)  neuro-anatomy;
(18)  nutrition;
(19)  occlusion;
(20)  orthodontics;
(21)  periodontics;
(22)  general and oral pathology;
(23)  pediatric dentistry;
(24)  pharmacology;
(25)  physiology;
(26)  preventive dentistry;
(27)  CPR procedures;
(28)  maxillo-facial protheses and implants;
(29)  fixed or removable prosthodontics;
(30)  quality treatment and patient care;
(31)  radiology;
(32)  public dental care;
(33)  treatment of the handicapped and chronically ill; and
(34)  medical emergencies.
O.C. 915-93, s. 3.