C-73.2, r. 8 - Regulation respecting broker’s and agency licences

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33. A notice of a final decision made by the licence issue and maintenance committee, the discipline committee or an appeal tribunal that suspends or revokes a broker’s or agency licence or imposes conditions or restrictions on the licence and, where applicable, a notice of a decision that rectifies or revises such a decision is to be published or inserted in an official or regular publication of the Organization or on its website. The notice must specify the name of the broker or agency holding the licence to which the decision applies, the type of licence held, the place of the establishment, the name under which the broker or agency carries on the activities, the broker’s or agency’s specialty, if any, and the date and a summary of the decision. If the decision is made by the discipline committee, the notice must indicate the date and nature of the offence.
O.C. 295-2010, s. 33.