C-73.2, r. 4 - Regulation respecting records, books and registers, trust accounting and inspection of brokers and agencies

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31. When a licence holder receives a sum in cash, the licence holder must give the depositor a receipt indicating
(1)  the date the sum is received;
(2)  the amount received and the currency of the sum;
(3)  whether the sum is received for someone else’s account or as advance on remuneration or disbursements;
(4)  the name, address, date of birth and occupation of the depositor;
(5)  that, as soon as the sum is deposited into a trust account, a receipt will be issued to the depositor;
(6)  the name and signature of the person who, on the licence holder’s behalf, receives the sum; and
(7)  the name of the licence holder, the address of the holder’s establishment and the number of the holder’s licence.
O.C. 296-2010, s. 31.