C-67, r. 1 - Regulation respecting eligibility for the benefits of the Agreement concerning James Bay and Northern Québec

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20. The Enrollment Commission shall:
(a)  assist the local enrollment committees in carrying out their functions and responsibilities;
(b)  prepare and provide such information and forms as may be necessary to enable the local enrollment committees to conduct the enrollment;
(c)  refer to the appropriate local enrollment committee those applications for enrollment which are submitted directly to it by individual applicants and those applications which were made to the inappropriate local enrollment committee;
(d)  review the lists of names submitted by the local enrollment committees pursuant to paragraphs d, e and f of section 19 and add thereto or delete therefrom the names of persons who may or may not be entitled to be enrolled in accordance with the criteria set out in Division III;
(e)  on or before 1 November 1977, prepare, certify, publish and advertise the official lists and forward a copy to the council of Cree bands and to the board of directors of the Inuit community corporations or until they are established in the Inuit community councils, and shall cause a copy thereof to be posted in a place in the community where notices are ordinarily displayed;
(f)  notify the local enrollment committee of the names of all persons who have been added to or deleted from the lists prepared by the committee;
(g)  notify each applicant whose name has not been put on the official lists and notify each person whose name has been added to or deleted from the lists and inform that applicant or person of the reason for the Commission’s decision and of his right to appeal.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. C-67, r. 1, s. 20.