C-65.1, r. 2 - Regulation respecting certain supply contracts of public bodies

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15.5. In analyzing the tender, the committee takes the following factors into account:
(1)  the gap between the tendered price and the public body’s estimate of the expenditure, which is confirmed by an adequate and rigorous audit;
(2)  the gap between the tendered price and the price tendered by the other suppliers that have submitted a compliant tender;
(3)  the gap between the tendered price and the price paid by the public body, or by another public body, under a similar contract, taking into account the economic context; and
(4)  the representations made by the supplier concerning the existence of particular facts that have an influence on the tendered price, such as
(a)  the method of manufacturing the goods covered by the call for tenders, or the components forming the goods;
(b)  the exceptionally favorable circumstances that would help the supplier in the performance of the contract;
(c)  the innovative character of the tender;
(d)  the working conditions of the supplier’s employees or, if applicable, subcontractors; and
(e)  the government financial assistance received by the supplier.
O.C. 432-2013, s. 5.