C-27, r. 6 - Regulation respecting the remuneration of arbitrators

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16. Where an arbitrator belongs to a group of arbitrators, the arbitrator remunerated by the parties or by one of them may, to the extent provided for in this section, claim as remuneration, the lump sum provided for in the group tariff in respect of the grievance or dispute that was submitted to the arbitrator by the group.
The group of arbitrators must be constituted according to a juridical form prescribed by law and governed by an expedited arbitration process that prescribes in particular a common tariff of remuneration for all members.
The tariff must specify, among the remunerated acts and expenses referred to in sections 2 to 8, the acts and expenses included in the lump sum provided and the conditions for the application of the amount.
The tariff of remuneration must be declared to the Minister of Labour by the group of arbitrators and sections 12 to 14 apply, with the necessary modifications.
The group of arbitrators must also send a copy of its act of constitution, the list of its members and of its expedited arbitration process.
O.C. 851-2002, s. 16.