C-26, r. 232 - Regulation respecting the dental prosthesis laboratory management permit

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12. The board of directors of the professional order concerned shall suspend, for the time it determines, revoke or refuse to renew a permit if the permit holder
(1)  makes a false statement to obtain the permit;
(2)  no longer meets any of the requirements for the issue or holding of the permit;
(3)  is struck off the roll of his or her order, or has had his or her permit to practise revoked or the right to carry on professional activities suspended;
(4)  has been the subject of a decision referred to in section 55 or 55.1 of the Professional Code (chapter C-26);
(5)  contravenes the undertaking given under section 4;
(6)  does not take part in a continuous education activity referred to in section 10;
(7)  contravenes any provision of the Professional Code that is applicable to the permit holder, in the case of a person referred to in section 5 of this Regulation; or
(8)  contravenes any provision of this Regulation.
However, members who have had their right to carry on professional activities restricted may keep and renew their permit if they provide a written undertaking to restrict the operation of their laboratories to the activities they may carry on.
O.C. 189-2003, s. 12.