C-24.2, r. 34 - Regulation respecting licences

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73.8. A person to whom a probationary licence, a restricted licence or a driver’s licence is issued may pay the duties, fees, insurance contribution and tax on the contribution by direct debit within 15 months following the issue or in the period between the date of issue and the due date determined in section 73.5, whichever is shorter, on the conditions set out in sections 73.6 and 73.9 to 73.11.
A licence holder who elects to pay by direct debit pursuant to this section is deemed to comply with the second paragraph of section 93.1 of the Highway Safety Code if the licence holder complies with this Division.
O.C. 266-2007, ss. 12 and 14; O.C. 1311-2009, s. 14; O.C. 1181-2011, s. 12.