C-24.2, r. 32 - Regulation respecting safety standards for road vehicles

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200. For each of his heavy vehicles, the owner shall keep a maintenance record containing the following information and documents:
(1)  the identification number of the vehicle and the plate number, the make, year, owner’s name and, where applicable, the name of the long-term lessor;
(2)  the schedule of upcoming inspections according to the recall criterion used by the owner and the purpose of each service;
(3)  the sheet referred to in section 201 for each service performed;
(4)  proof that the repairs have been made following the service;
(5)  the dates on which the storage begins and ends, where applicable; and
(6)  for heavy vehicles whose gross vehicle weight rating is 7,258 kg or more, a register of the brake lining or camshaft rotation measurements if the measurements are not indicated on maintenance sheets.
Each time the vehicle is serviced, the owner shall have the sheet referred to in section 201 completed and signed by the person who serviced it.
O.C. 1483-98, s. 200; O.C. 623-99, s. 15.