C-23.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting contracts of the Ethics Commissioner

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7. Nor is a tendering process required
(1)  for a contract under $5,000 involving property;
(2)  for a service contract under $15,000;
(3)  for a service contract for professional development and training purposes under $25,000;
(4)  if, in the opinion of the Ethics Commissioner, there is only one available or possible supplier because of the existence of a guarantee, a right of ownership or an exclusive right, or only one supplier meets the required specifications;
(5)  for the purchase of property resulting from a contract of leasing;
(6)  for a subscription to or the purchase of books, newspapers, periodicals, magazines, microfilms and data bases;
(7)  if, in the opinion of the Ethics Commissioner, there is an emergency that threatens the safety of human beings or property;
(8)  if the contract involves confidential or protected information and a tendering process would not serve the public interest, including a contract for legal, accounting or investigative and forensic accounting services; or
(9)  if the Ethics Commissioner is of the opinion that a tendering process would likely compromise an investigation or a verification procedure or reveal its confidential nature, or constitute a hindrance to the exercise of the Ethics Commissioner’s duties.
Decision 1552-2, s. 7; Decision 1580-2, s. 2.