C-16, r. 10 - Regulation respecting the standards of equivalence for the issuance of a permit of the Ordre des chiropraticiens du Québec

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3.01. A candidate who holds a doctorate in chiropractics or a diploma of the same level obtained upon completion of studies in chiropractics and issued by an educational institution other than those which are listed in section 4.01 of the Regulation respecting the diplomas issued by designated educational institutions which give access to permits or specialist’s certificates of professional orders (chapter C-26, r. 2) shall be granted an equivalence if:
(a)  such diploma was obtained upon completion of a 4-year program of studies in chiropractics comprising a minimum of 4,300 hours distributed as follows:
i.  basic science
anatomy: 517 hours
physiology: 418 hours
chemistry: 154 hours
pathology: 165 hours
microbiology: 154 hours
ii.  clinical sciences
diagnosis: 550 hours
psychology: 99 hours
radiology and radio-diagnosis: 300 hours
ethics and jurisprudence: 66 hours
nutrition and dietetics: 125 hours
iii.  chiropractic sciences
chiropractic principles: 602 hours
chiropractic technics: 573 hours
clinic: 600 hours
(b)  such diploma was issued by an educational institution accredited by the Canadian or American Council on Chiropractic Education.
Decision 81-09-22, s. 3.01; O.C. 1526-84, s. 1.