C-14.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting rail transportation

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1. To obtain a certificate of competence, a rail carrier shall provide the Commission des transports du Québec with the following information and documents:
(1)  the carrier’s name, the address of the carrier’s domicile or head office and, where applicable, the addresses of the carrier’s establishments;
(2)  where the rail carrier is a legal person, its constituting act, a list of its directors and officers, a copy of the act authorizing the filing of the application and the name and address of any other legal person that it controls or that controls it;
(3)  a description of the railway or part thereof on which the rail carrier will carry on its activities, including the profile of the railway line, the type of rails, the maximum loads authorized on the railway and structures and the maximum speeds authorized on the railway, the type of protection at level crossings and the proposed traffic and communications system;
(4)  a location plan of the railway to a scale that makes it possible to locate, according to kilometre markers or mile markers, the beginning and end of the railway, the municipalities through which it passes, the depots and stations, buildings and structures, sidings, grade crossings and level crossings;
(5)  where all or part of the railway is not owned by the rail carrier, a declaration by the owner confirming the existence of an agreement with the owner that authorizes the carrier to use the owner’s railway and that specifies which part of the railway is covered by the agreement and the term of the agreement;
(6)  the latest report on the condition of the railway; and
(7)  a description of the proposed rail transportation services that indicates, for each type of service proposed, whether the service is permanent, seasonal or daily and the proposed number of trains per day.
O.C. 1434-94, s. 1.