B-9, r. 1 - Tariff of fees respecting land registration

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10. The fee for each copy of or extract from a register kept at the Land Registry Office is $18 per land file or per file opened in the index of names, directory of addresses, directory of holders of real rights or per date and registration division for the book of presentation. The fee is $18 per file for the register complementary to the index of names in the form of microfilms or microfiches kept for the registration divisions of Montréal and Laval.
The fee for each copy of or extract from the register kept, under section 245 of the Act to amend the Civil Code and other legislative provisions relating to land registration (S.Q. 2000, c. 42), in a registry office established for a registration division is $18 per page of the register.
The fee for each copy of the plan of a lot is $6. The fee is $18 for each copy of or extract from an application for registration, including the accompanying document where it is in the form of a summary, or from any other document.
O.C. 1074-2001, s. 10.