B-1.1, r. 11 - Regulation respecting safety in public baths

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54. A beach open to the public shall have the following equipment available:
(a)  one non-motorized rescue boat containing the equipment prescribed in section 56 for each unit or fraction thereof of 250 linear metres of beach; however:
i.  beaches surrounded with a wharf whose largest dimension is inferior to 75 m; and
ii.  beaches whose distance between buoy markers and the shore is inferior to 50 m and whose lifeguard towers are located outside of the buoy markers in the deep zone;
are not governed by such stipulation.
On the other hand, an aquaplane may replace the rescue boat when the distance between the buoy markers and the shore is superior to 50 m on condition that the lifeguard towers are located in the deep zone outside the buoy markers;
(b)  one lifeguard tower of a minimum height of 2.4 m for each unit or fraction of a unit of 125 linear metres of beach;
(c)  a line of white buoy markers to delimit the supervised bathing area, except in the case of an ocean beach. The water depth of the area thus delimited may not exceed 1.6 m;
(d)  for each lifeguard tower, a lifesaving buoy that may be:
i.  of a ring type, of an inside diameter comprised between 275 and 380 mm, attached to a cable having a minimum length of 15 m and placed on a support; or
ii.  of a “torpedo” type with a buckle for shoulders and at least with 2 m of cable;
(e)  (paragraph revoked);
(f)  a first aid kit in conformity with Schedule 5;
(g)  a blanket;
(h)  a means of communication at the disposal of the safety supervisor in order to call emergency services. The means of communication must be within a 100-metre radius of the control station. The emergency procedure must be posted;
(i)  a buoy marking, at the deepest point of the supervised area and for each unit, or fraction thereof of 125 linear metres of beach, the water depth in metres with characters at least 150 mm high of a contrasting colour that are legible from the beach.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. S-3, r. 3, s. 54; O.C. 999-86, s. 11.