B-1.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the application of the Building Act

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3.3.5. (Revoked).
O.C. 876-2003, s. 1; O.C. 992-2018, s. 3.
3.3.5. The owner of an installation independent of a building and intended to store or distribute gas is exempt from the requirement to obtain an operation permit provided for in Chapter III of the Safety Code (chapter B-1.1, r. 3)
(1)  where butane is stored in cylinders of an individual maximum capacity of 2,645 oz. (150 g);
(2)  where gas is stored therein in no-refill cylinders the maximum internal volume of which is 75 in3 (1,229 ml); and
(3)  where natural gas is distributed through pipelines.
O.C. 876-2003, s. 1.