B-1.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the application of the Building Act

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1. An owner-builder is exempt from the application of Chapter IV of the Building Act (chapter B-1.1)
(1)  where the planned construction work involves only the renovation, repair or maintenance of his property and is estimated at less than $20,000;
(2)  where the planned construction work corresponds to the categories or subcategories of construction work that he is permitted to carry out or cause to be carried out as the holder of a building contractor’s licence; and
(3)  where the planned construction work is carried out by a contractor who holds a specialized contractor’s licence including the licence subclasses required for that work and listed in Schedule II to the Regulation respecting the professional qualification of contractors and owner-builders (chapter B-1.1, r. 9);
(4)  for construction work on the electrical installation of an electrical station or a branch used for generating, transmitting, transforming or distributing electric power by a public electricity distribution undertaking and that is carried out by employees of the said undertaking.
Notwithstanding subparagraph 1 of the first paragraph, an owner-builder is subject to Chapter IV of the Act in the case of work carried out on an electrical installation, an installation designed to use or distribute gas or a petroleum equipment installation.
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