A-29, r. 4 - Regulation respecting devices which compensate for a physical deficiency and are insured under the Health Insurance Act

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72. The Board also assumes the purchase or replacement cost of a device and the fitting and repair cost of a device, other than a wheel chair, or of one or a combination of its components or supplements that is insured and furnished to an insured person in Québec by an institution in the hospital or rehabilitation centre for persons with a physical deficiency operated by the latter under section 69, on the condition that the identification of the insured person’s functional needs and disabilities to be compensated for has been made in writing by a physician referred to in the second paragraph of section 68 or in section 71 and by an occupational therapist or a physiotherapist designated by the centre. The physician and the occupational therapist or the physiotherapist shall have met with the insured person for that purpose.
O.C. 612-94, s. 72; O.C. 1334-98, s. 37.