A-29, r. 4 - Regulation respecting devices which compensate for a physical deficiency and are insured under the Health Insurance Act

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12. Notwithstanding section 10, fittings and repairs of a device, component or adjustment are insured only where the estimate of the cost of one or all of such services does not exceed 80% of the cost of purchase or previous replacement of the device, component or adjustment, as the case may be.
In addition, only those services are insured in such a case. Where such is not the case, only the replacement of the device is insured in accordance with the provisions of this Title.
Notwithstanding the second paragraph, the replacement is insured only if the device, component, adjustment or supplement has been used solely for the purposes for which it was designed and intended.
Notwithstanding the second paragraph, for a 2-year period from the event of damage or irreparable breakage, the replacement of a device, component, adjustment or supplement is not insured if the only reason for the replacement is that the device, component, adjustment or supplement was used negligently or was lost, stolen or destroyed. That 2-year period shall cease when the minimum duration period of the device expires and shall not be extended beyond that expiry.
If, before the expiry of either period, the insured person, at his own expense and in accordance with this Title, replaces a broken or damaged device, component, adjustment or supplement with an insured device, component, adjustment or supplement, fittings and repairs of the new device, component, adjustment or supplement are insured, subject to the relevant provisions of this Title.
O.C. 612-94, s. 12; O.C. 1334-98, s. 4.