A-23, r. 11 - Regulation respecting standards of practice for staking and layout

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7. Where a land surveyor finds bench-marks along the same boundary and agrees with that position the land surveyors shall adopt that bench-mark, without moving it or planting another one. That fact shall be mentioned in the staking certificate.
If the land surveyors does not agree with the position of the existing bench-mark the matter shall be discussed with the previous land surveyor so as to reach an agreement.
Where the previous land surveyor no longer has those staking records, the land surveyor shall find and consult those records so as to check the content of the staking certificate in question or of any relevant survey document.
On the basis of that information, the land surveyor shall resume the staking operation as he considers appropriate and indicate the bench-mark’s position in the staking certificate.
O.C. 1057-2002, s. 7.