A-21, r. 5.1 - Code of ethics of architects

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40. Architects must enter into an agreement for their professional services in their exclusive area of practice directly with the client or the client’s representative.
However, architects may enter into an agreement concerning their professional services with:
(1)  any person for whom they prepare plans or specifications for buildings intended for the use of that person or that will be owned by the person;
(2)  any architect or partnership or joint-stock company within which an architect is authorized by regulation to practise the profession;
(3)  any person offering a building or structure upon completion of a turnkey agreement, offering elements of buildings or structures or systems for the construction of buildings or structures;
(4)  any person providing services for carrying out constructions that are accessory to engineering works and intended to shelter such works;
(5)  any person using an architect’s competence for services other than those in their exclusive area of practice.
O.C. 901-2011, s. 40.