A-21, r. 5.1 - Code of ethics of architects

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15. Architects must not, by any means nor for any purpose, make a false, misleading or incomplete representation, in particular with regard to:
(1)  their level of competence or the efficiency of their services or, if applicable, the level of competence or the efficiency of the services of the persons who carry on their activities within the same partnership of joint-stock company as them;
(2)  the offices they have and the addresses of the head office and establishments of the partnership or joint-stock company in which they practise their profession; and
(3)  the achievements they attribute to themselves; when a project is carried out in a consortium or when they took part in a project while practising the profession within a partnership or company, they must specify their role and participation in the project and disclose the name of the other architects or firms of architects involved.
O.C. 901-2011, s. 15.