A-18.1, r. 2 - Regulation respecting sugar bush management in forests in the domain of the State

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5. A permit holder must make and submit an annual report to the Minister on the activities carried on by the holder.
The first part of the report must be submitted at the latest on 1 June and indicate
(1)  the number of tapholes drilled during the period determined in section 3 ; and
(2)  the quantity of maple syrup produced from the volume of sap harvested during the sugaring season or, if the sap is not processed on the premises, the volume of sap harvested.
The second part of the report must be submitted at the latest on 31 December and contain
(1)  a statement of the forest management activities carried out during the year ;
(2)  the volume of round timber harvested in the sugar bush in connection with the carrying on of forest management activities, by species or group of species, quality and destination ; and
(3)  the information required under the second paragraph of section 16.1 of the Forest Act (chapter F-4.1) if the permit authorizes the harvesting of timber to supply wood processing plants.
O.C. 732-2004, s. 5.