A-13.1.1, r. 1 - Individual and Family Assistance Regulation

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177.87. An adult may, at any time, apply to the Minister, in the form and manner determined by the Minister, to reduce the amount taken into consideration as income, earnings and other annual benefits for the purposes of calculating the adult’s basic income, pursuant to section 177.79.
The amount may be reduced if the total of the income, gains and other annual benefits that the adult received for at least two consecutive years, projected on an annual basis, has decreased by at least 50% compared to the total that was taken into consideration.
The same applies in the case of the income, gains and other annual benefits of the adult’s spouse compared to the amount that was taken into consideration pursuant to the second paragraph of section 177.80.
The amount may not be reduced if, before the reduction is granted, the adult or the adult’s spouse, as the case may be, can reasonably expect that the decrease will cease before the end of the reference period in which it occurs.
O.C. 1140-2022, s. 45.