R-0.01 - Act respecting animal breeds forming part of Québec’s agricultural heritage

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Updated to 15 October 2022
This document has official status.
chapter R-0.01
Act respecting animal breeds forming part of Québec’s agricultural heritage

WHEREAS it is appropriate that certain breeds of animals closely associated with the historical origins and agricultural traditions of Québec be officially declared to form part of Québec’s agricultural heritage;
WHEREAS there is reason to recognize and pay tribute to the perseverance and determination of the breeders who over the years have worked to preserve these breeds of animals;
WHEREAS more extensive breeding, and continued improvement in the quality of this unique agricultural heritage, must be encouraged so that these breeds of animals peculiar to Québec may become more widely known and better appreciated;

1. The following breeds of animals are declared to form part of the agricultural heritage of Québec and may each be designated as a “Québec heritage breed” :
(1)  the breed of horse known as the “Canadian Horse” ;
(2)  the breed of cattle known as the “Canadian Cow” ;
(3)  the breed of poultry known as “Poule Chantecler”.
1999, c. 81, s. 1.
2. The Minister shall see that the content of this Act is publicized and disseminated to the farming community.
1999, c. 81, s. 2.
3. The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food is responsible for the administration of this Act.
1999, c. 81, s. 3.
4. (Omitted).
1999, c. 81, s. 4.
In accordance with section 9 of the Act respecting the consolidation of the statutes and regulations (chapter R-3), chapter 81 of the statutes of 1999, in force on 1 April 2000, is repealed, except section 4, effective from the coming into force of chapter R-0.01 of the Revised Statutes.