J-1.02 - Act to proclaim Nelson Mandela Day

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Updated to 27 August 2023
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chapter J-1.02
Act to proclaim Nelson Mandela Day
AS Nelson Mandela was President of the Republic of South Africa from 9 May 1994 to 14 June 1999;
AS Nelson Mandela courageously fought apartheid, a political system of institutional racial segregation, during his 27 long years in prison;
AS, over the course of his entire life, Nelson Mandela showed his great determination to promote the fundamental values of liberty, justice, equality and fraternity between peoples, and as these universal values should be central to all decisions and actions by civil society and government institutions;
AS Nelson Mandela played a decisive, historic role in the fields of conflict resolution, reconciliation and human rights protection;
AS Nelson Mandela received concrete support in his fight against apartheid from four Quebecers who were high-ranking political officials: former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, former Québec Premiers René Lévesque and Robert Bourassa and former Montréal Mayor Jean Doré;
AS the National Assembly of Québec wishes to honour Nelson Mandela and pay tribute to this exemplary humanist in Québec, an open nation and safe haven for all citizens regardless of their origin, by designating 11 February, the day he was freed in 1990, Nelson Mandela Day;
1. The eleventh day of February is proclaimed Nelson Mandela Day.
2015, c. 19, s. 1.
2. (Omitted).
2015, c. 19, s. 2.