A-33 - Hearing-aid Acousticians Act

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Updated to 1 April 2024
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chapter A-33
Hearing-aid Acousticians Act
The Minister Responsible for Government Administration and Chair of the Conseil du trésor is responsible for the administration of this Act. Order in Council 1638-2022 dated 20 October 2022, (2022) 154 G.O. 2 (French), 6513.
1. In this Act and the regulations made thereunder, unless the context indicates a different meaning, the following terms mean:
(a)  Order : the Ordre des audioprothésistes du Québec constituted by this Act;
(b)  board of directors : the board of directors of the Order;
(c)  hearing-aid acoustician or member of the Order : any person entered on the roll;
(d)  (paragraph repealed);
(e)  roll : the list of the members in good standing of the Order prepared in accordance with the Professional Code (chapter C-26) and this Act;
(f)  hearing aid : any electronic instrument or device used to compensate for hearing defects, and any accessory or receiver attached thereto.
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2. All the persons qualified to practise the profession of hearing-aid acoustician in Québec constitute a professional order called the “Ordre professionnel des audioprothésistes du Québec” or the “Ordre des audioprothésistes du Québec”.
1973, c. 54, s. 2; 1977, c. 5, s. 229; 1994, c. 40, s. 222.
3. Subject to this Act, the Order and its members shall be governed by the Professional Code (chapter C‐26).
1973, c. 54, s. 3.
4. The head office of the Order shall be within the territory of Ville de Québec or at any other place in Québec determined by regulation of the board of directors adopted pursuant to paragraph f of section 93 of the Professional Code (chapter C‐26).
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5. The Order shall be governed by a board of directors constituted in accordance with the Professional Code (chapter C-26).
1973, c. 54, s. 5; 2008, c. 11, s. 212.
6. (Repealed).
1973, c. 54, s. 6; 1994, c. 40, s. 224.
7. Every act the object of which is to sell, fit, adjust or replace a hearing aid, constitutes the practice of the profession of hearing-aid acoustician.
1973, c. 54, s. 7.
8. No hearing-aid acoustician may perform any act prescribed in section 7 unless he does so according to a certificate of a physician, speech therapist or audiologist attesting the necessity of a hearing aid.
1973, c. 54, s. 8.
9. (Repealed).
1973, c. 54, s. 9; 1990, c. 39, s. 1; 1994, c. 40, s. 224.
10. (Repealed).
1973, c. 54, s. 10; 1994, c. 40, s. 224.
11. No person may practise the profession of hearing-aid acoustician under a name other than his own.
Nevertheless, hearing-aid acousticians shall be allowed to practise their profession under a firm name which is the name of one or two or more of the partners.
1973, c. 54, s. 11.
12. A hearing-aid acoustician shall not, with respect to the practice of his profession, designate himself as other than a hearing-aid acoustician.
He shall not be authorized to call himself a specialist or to indicate a specialty or particular training.
1973, c. 54, s. 12; 2000, c. 13, s. 55.
13. Subject to the rights and privileges expressly granted by law to other professionals, no person may perform any of the acts described in section 7, unless he is a hearing-aid acoustician.
The provisions of the first paragraph do not apply to acts performed by a person in accordance with the provisions of a regulation adopted pursuant to paragraph h of section 94 of the Professional Code (chapter C-26).
1973, c. 54, s. 13; 1994, c. 40, s. 225.
14. Every person who contravenes section 13 is liable, for each offence, to the penalties provided in section 188 of the Professional Code (chapter C-26).
1973, c. 54, s. 14.
15. Nothing in this Act or in the regulations which the board of directors may adopt shall prohibit the wholesale trade in hearing aids.
1973, c. 54, s. 15; 2008, c. 11, s. 212.
16. Nothing in this Act shall authorize the Order to regulate or control the price of hearing aids or the conditions of payment.
1973, c. 54, s. 16.
17. (Repealed).
1975, c. 80, s. 42; 1994, c. 40, s. 226.
18. (This section ceased to have effect on 17 April 1987).
1982, c. 21, s. 1; U. K., 1982, c. 11, Sch. B, Part I, s. 33.

In accordance with section 17 of the Act respecting the consolidation of the statutes (chapter R-3), chapter 54 of the statutes of 1973, in force on 31 December 1977, is repealed, except sections 17 to 21 and 22, effective from the coming into force of chapter A-33 of the Revised Statutes.