T-11.01, r. 1 - Regulation respecting minimum standards for processing marine products

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Updated to 1 August 2023
This document has official status.
chapter T-11.01, r. 1
Regulation respecting minimum standards for processing marine products
Marine Products Processing Act
(chapter T-11.01, s. 46).
1. In this Regulation, unless otherwise indicated by the context,
(1)  “fillet” means the muscle of a fish removed from the carcass by slicing parallel to the spinal column;
(2)  “steak” means a cross section of fish muscle sliced perpendicularly to the spinal column.
M.O. 87-07-23, s. 1.
2. An operator shall comply with the following minimum processing standards in preparing or canning any of the marine products designated below:
Species of marine product

English Name Latin Name Minimum processing standards

(1) Cod Gadus Morhua in fillets or in steaks;

(2) Redfish Sebastes sp. in fillets or beheaded,
Sebastes marinus eviscerated and frozen, where
Sebastes fasciatus it measures 30 cm or more
Sebastes mentelle before processing;

(3) American plaice Hippoglossoides in fillets or beheaded,
platessoides eviscerated and frozen;
where it measures 32 cm
or more before processing;

(4) Greenland halibut Reinhardtius in fillets, in steaks, or
hippoglossoides beheaded, eviscerated and frozen;

(5) Mackerel Scomber scombrus frozen, treated to destroy toxic
micro-organisms, processed by
salting, smoking, pickling,
kippering or marinating and
packaged in such manner that it
remains safe for human
consumption for not less than 6
months solely by refrigeration,
or refrigerated and packed other
than in a bin referred to in
section 9.6.1 of the Regulation
respecting food (chapter P-29, r. 1);

(6) Eel Anguilla rostrata frozen;

(7) Soft shell clam Mya arenaria meat extracted;

(8) Whelk Buccinum undatum cooked or frozen;
Neptunea despecta

(9) Pink shrimp Pandalus sp. cooked or frozen;
Pandalus borealis
Pandalus montagui

(10) Snow crab Chionoecetes whole and frozen or in sections
opilio cooked or frozen;

(11) Lobster Homarus cooked or frozen, where not
americanus marketed live.
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3. (Omitted).
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