S-13.1, r. 1.1 - By-law respecting electronic bingo

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Updated to 1 April 2024
This document has official status.
chapter S-13.1, r. 1.1
By-law respecting electronic bingo
Act respecting the Société des loteries du Québec
(chapter S-13.1, s. 13).
1. This By-law governs the lottery scheme called “electronic bingo”. The games offered by the scheme are of the pari-mutuel type, include a predetermined prize structure or combine both.
The games are played on paper cards or on cards appearing on the screen of an electronic bingo device and designated in this By-law as “electronic card”.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 1.
2. Short additional games played only on an electronic bingo device may also be offered by the scheme.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 2.
3. Only the holder of a paper or electronic card may participate in electronic bingo.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 3.
4. A minor may not be present in the hall or on the premises where an electronic bingo is conducted and operated while the game is played, unless the minor works there.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 4.
5. To participate in an electronic bingo game, the player must obtain, on payment of the sum indicated, a paper card or any other means allowing the player to acquire one or more electronic cards.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 5.
6. No card may be sold at a price other than the price determined by the Société des loteries du Québec.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 6.
7. A player must see the amount available to play on the screen of the electronic bingo device used.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 7.
8. A player playing on an electronic bingo device must follow the instructions appearing on the screen of the device to acquire electronic cards or to play additional games.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 8.
9. No paper or electronic card may be bought once the first number of the electronic bingo game concerned is drawn, unless the game rules provide otherwise.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 9.
10. A card is valid only for the game for which it is bought.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 10.
11. Unless provided otherwise, a paper card must be marked using a bingo marker and an electronic card must be marked in accordance with the game instructions on the screen of the electronic bingo device.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 11.
12. There may only be one player per electronic bingo device.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 12.
13. The winning numbers are selected using a tumbler or blower that chooses them randomly or a computer that can generate numbers randomly.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 13.
14. The rules of the game, including the method of awarding prizes and the description of the prizes to be won, must be reproduced in a document available to the public in the halls offering electronic bingo.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 14.
15. The name of an additional game, the cost of the game, the prizes to be won and the method for awarding them must be available to the player on the screen of the electronic bingo device before the start of the game.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 15.
16. Where the player becomes aware that a card is a winning card, the player is responsible for declaring it out loud in the case of a paper card or for declaring it in accordance with the indications appearing on the screen of the electronic bingo device in the case of an electronic card, otherwise the player is not entitled to the prize.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 16.
17. When a card declared a winner is determined, after verification, a winning card, the prize corresponding to the winning card is awarded to the holder of the card.
If the card declared a winner in accordance with the first paragraph is determined, after verification, not to be a winning card, the prize cannot be paid to its holder and the game continues for that prize.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 17.
18. Winning cards must be confirmed by means of a control number.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 18.
19. The holder of a winning paper card must present the card for payment at the location and according to the indications on the card.
The holder of a winning electronic card or whose additional game is a winner, may add the amount of the prize won in the form of credit that may be used to participate in other games or claim the amount for payment using a redemption coupon issued by the electronic bingo device, at the location and according to the indications on the coupon or on the screen of the device.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 19.
20. A prize awarded to a player cannot be claimed later by another player.
If, before awarding the prize, more than one player has declared their card a winning card, and, after verification, there is more than one winning card, the prize is divided equally among the players of valid winning cards, unless the rules provide otherwise.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 20.
21. Any card for which payment by the player was not made prior to the draw for which it is valid, is void and does not entitle to any prize.
The same applies to any paper card or redemption coupon that is illegible, mutilated, counterfeited, improperly cut, misprinted, incomplete, erroneously printed or otherwise defective, unless the control number makes it possible to determine that the card is really a winning card or that the coupon really entitles to the payment of the amount indicated on the coupon.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 21.
22. No prize is awarded for participating in a game on a defective electronic bingo device. Unless the defect or failure is attributable to the player, the sum paid by the player to participate in the game is refunded to the player.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 22.
23. In case of discrepancy between the redemption coupon and the data pertaining to that coupon recorded by the central computer of the company, the latter prevails.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 23.
24. For all the electronic bingo games referred to in this By-law, the annual payout rate may not be less than 35% or greater than 83%.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 24.
25. No symbol, acronym, name or other characteristic used to identify the electronic bingo may be used for advertising or any other purpose without the written authorization of the company.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 25.
26. The company awards to a charitable or religious organization referred to in paragraph b of subsection 1 of section 207 of the Criminal Code (R.S.C. 1985, c. C-46), holder of a bingo licence issued by the Régie des alcools des courses et des jeux, that it determines, a portion of the net income produced by the electronic bingo.
The company must make public the sharing of the income.
O.C. 609-2016, s. 26.
27. (Omitted).
O.C. 609-2016, s. 27.
O.C. 609-2016, 2016 G.O. 2, 2884