A-12, r. 16 - Regulation respecting the keeping of records and consulting offices of agrologists

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Replaced on 23 July 2020
This document has official status.
chapter A-12, r. 16
Regulation respecting the keeping of records and consulting offices of agrologists
Agrologists Act
(chapter A-12, s. 3).
Professional Code
(chapter C-26, s. 91).
Replaced, Décision OPQ 2020-426, 2020 G.O. 2, 2847; eff. 2020-07-23; see chapter A-12, r. 7.1.1.
1. Subject to section 7, an agrologist entered on the roll of the Ordre des agronomes du Québec must keep, in the premises where he practises his profession, a record for each of his clients.
O.C. 1518-86, s. 1.
2. The agrologist must enter the following particulars in each record:
(1)  the date the record was begun;
(2)  the name of the client, his address and telephone number;
(3)  a summary description of the reasons for the consultation;
(4)  a description of the professional services rendered and their date;
(5)  the recommendations made to the client;
(6)  any annotations, correspondence or other documents pertaining to the professional services rendered.
Further, the agrologist must enter in each record the time taken by him and, where applicable, by his employees for the carrying out of the project as well as a copy of all notes of fees and payments.
O.C. 1518-86, s. 2.
3. The agrologist must keep each record up to date until he ceases to render professional services to the person to whom that record pertains.
O.C. 1518-86, s. 3.
4. The agrologist must keep each record for a period of at least 5 years from the date of the last professional service rendered.
O.C. 1518-86, s. 4.
5. The agrologist must keep his records in a room or cabinet that is not readily accessible to the public and which may be locked by a key or otherwise.
O.C. 1518-86, s. 5.
6. Where a client withdraws a document which belongs to him from the record pertaining to him, the agrologist must enter in that record a note signed by the client indicating the nature of the document and the date of withdrawal.
O.C. 1518-86, s. 6.
7. Where the agrologist is a member of or is in the employ of a partnership, or where he is employed by a natural or a legal person, the records kept by the partnership or employer respecting the persons concerned by the professional services that the agrologist renders are considered for the purposes of this Regulation as the agrologist’s records if he can enter therein the items or particulars indicated in section 2; if he cannot do so, he must keep a record for each such person.
O.C. 1518-86, s. 7.
8. The agrologist must sign or initial any entry or report that he enters in a record.
O.C. 1518-86, s. 8.
9. The agrologist may use data processing in constituting and keeping his records provided that:
(1)  their confidentiality is respected;
(2)  any entry or report entered in a computerized record contain the name of its author.
O.C. 1518-86, s. 9.
10. This Division applies only to the consulting office where the agrologist practises on his own account or for a professional or a partnership of professionals.
O.C. 1518-86, s. 10.
11. The agrologist’s consulting office must be so designed that the identity and conversations of the persons therein cannot be discerned from outside that office.
The obligation stipulated in the first paragraph does not apply to the place indicated in section 12 nor to the workroom of the employees of the agrologist.
O.C. 1518-86, s. 11.
12. The agrologist must have a waiting room near his consulting office for the purpose of receiving the persons to whom he renders professional services.
O.C. 1518-86, s. 12.
13. The agrologist must display his permit in his waiting room or in his office.
O.C. 1518-86, s. 13.
14. The agrologist must place a copy of the Code of ethics of agrologists (chapter A-12, r. 6) and the Regulation respecting the procedure for conciliation and arbitration of accounts of agrologists (chapter A-12, r. 12) in public view in the waiting room indicated in section 12. He must also record the address of the Order on each of those Regulations.
O.C. 1518-86, s. 14.
15. Subject to sections 13 and 14, the agrologist, in addition to decorative or utilitarian objects, may display in his consulting office and in the other premises related to the practice of his profession only those diplomas that relate to the practice of a profession that he is entitled to practise.
O.C. 1518-86, s. 15.
16. An agrologist who is absent from his consulting office must take any measures necessary to ensure the continuity of his services.
O.C. 1518-86, s. 16.
17. (Omitted).
O.C. 1518-86, s. 17.
O.C. 1518-86, 1986 G.O. 2, 2619