I-8.3 - Public Infrastructure Act

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44. On the recommendation of the Chair of the Conseil du trésor and the Minister of Health and Social Services, the Government may, subject to the terms and conditions it determines, transfer to a health and social service provider an immovable, including any liabilities affecting it, that has become the property of the Société under sections 22 and 144 and that was transferred to the Société immobilière du Québec under Chapter XVII of the Act to abolish the Ministère des Services gouvernementaux and to implement the Government’s 2010-2014 Action Plan to Reduce and Control Expenditures by abolishing or restructuring certain bodies and certain funds (2011, chapter 16). Such a transfer has effect from the date the order is published in the Gazette officielle du Québec.
Sections 260 and 264 of the Act respecting health services and social services (chapter S-4.2) do not apply to transfers under this section.
No transfer duties provided for in the Act respecting duties on transfers of immovables (chapter D-15.1) are payable by a provider for a transfer of property under this section.
Within 90 days after an order of transfer is published, the health and social service provider concerned must file with the registrar a statement that announces the transfer, refers to this section and the order, and includes the description of the immovable and the date of publication of the order in the Gazette officielle du Québec.
2013, c. 23, s. 44.