V-5.01 - Auditor General Act

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69. Subject to this Act, the management of the resources of the Auditor General shall be exercised in accordance with the Acts, regulations and rules that are applicable to him.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Office of the National Assembly may, by regulation, authorize the Auditor General to make an exception to any provision of a regulation made or approved by the Government or by the Conseil du trésor, or of a policy, directive or decision of the Government, a government department, the Conseil du trésor or a government agency if, in the opinion of the Auditor General, the requirement constitutes a hindrance to the performance of his duties.
The regulation must specify the provision excepted and the provision to be substituted for it.
The President of the National Assembly shall table the regulation before the Assembly within three days of passage or, if it is not sitting, within three days of the opening of the next session or resumption.
1985, c. 38, s. 69.