V-5.01 - Auditor General Act

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30.1. If the Auditor General considers it advisable, the Auditor General may, for any fiscal year in which a grant is made by a public body or a government agency to a body in the health and social services network or the education network whose name appears on the list of such bodies that are part of the reporting entity defined in the Government’s annual financial statements included in the public accounts tabled in the National Assembly, act as the auditor of that grant beneficiary’s books and accounts.
The Auditor General shall notify the grant beneficiary in writing of the Auditor General’s decision to audit the beneficiary’s books and accounts for a specified fiscal year. From the date of the notice, the Auditor General is, without further formality, the auditor of the grant beneficiary’s books and accounts for the fiscal year specified in the notice.
Sections 25, 26 and 29 apply, with the necessary modifications, to the Auditor General’s audit of the books and accounts of any grant beneficiary referred to in the first paragraph.
2008, c. 23, s. 3.