S-4.1.1 - Educational Childcare Act

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101.20. The Minister keeps a register concerning the administrative penalties imposed on persons under this Act or the regulations.
The register must contain the following information:
(1)  the date the administrative penalty was imposed;
(2)  the nature of the failure for which the administrative penalty was imposed, and the date and place it occurred and, if applicable, the name of the facility;
(3)  if the offender is a legal person, the person’s name and address;
(4)  if the offender is a natural person, the person’s name and the name of the municipality in whose territory the person resides;
(5)  the amount of the administrative penalty; and
(6)  any other information the Minister considers to be of public interest.
The information contained in the register is public information. However, it may not be made public until the expiry of the time for applying for a review of the decision, of the time for contesting the review decision before the Administrative Tribunal of Québec, or of 30 days after the final decision of the Tribunal confirming all or part of the review decision, as applicable.
2010, c. 39, s. 14.