S-3.1.01 - Dam Safety Act

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25. A safety program may be terminated in the manner specified in the program.
A program may also be terminated by the Minister before its expiry and without compensation, where the Minister is of the opinion that the owner of the works
(1)  no longer meets the conditions for approval of the program;
(2)  is failing to comply with the provisions of this Act or the regulations, or is not complying with the obligations incumbent upon the owner under the program;
(3)  has made false or misleading statements to the Minister.
Before a program is terminated by the Minister, the owner must be informed of the Minister’s intention and given an opportunity to present observations.
A decision by the Minister terminating a safety program before its expiry may be contested by the owner of the works before the Administrative Tribunal of Québec within 30 days of notification.
2000, c. 9, s. 25.