R-13 - Watercourses Act

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32. It shall be and always has been lawful to erect and maintain dams, slides, aprons, booms, gate-locks or other necessary works to facilitate the floating or transmission of timber, rafts or craft down such rivers, streams, lakes, ponds or creeks, to blast rocks, dredge or remove sand-banks, or to remove trees, shrubs or other obstacles, without, however, doing any damage to such rivers, lakes, ponds, streams or creeks.
If it be absolutely necessary for the construction of such improvements to take and occupy any private property, expropriation proceedings shall be taken for the land strictly required for such purpose.
No work to which this division applies shall be carried on in rivers to which salmon resort, unless previously authorized by the Government, which shall determine how the work is to be done and the conditions to which it shall be subject.
R. S. 1964, c. 84, s. 32.