P-40.1 - Consumer Protection Act

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214.16. The contract must be evidenced in writing. In addition to the information that may be required by regulation, the contract must contain or state the following, presented in conformity with the model prescribed by regulation:
(a)  the merchant’s permit number;
(b)  the name and address of both the consumer and the merchant;
(c)  the merchant’s telephone number and, if available, the merchant’s technological address;
(d)  the place and date of the contract;
(e)  a detailed description of each of the goods and services to be provided under the contract;
(f)  the scheduled dates for the performance of the merchant’s obligations;
(g)  the charges and fees that the consumer may be required to pay to the merchant;
(h)  the list of creditors disclosed by the consumer and the amount and description, including the credit rate, of each of their claims;
(i)  the total amount owed to creditors by the consumer;
(j)  the proposal the merchant undertakes to make to each of the consumer’s creditors, including the terms and conditions of payment proposed for each debt;
(k)  the amount of any payment to be made to the merchant by the consumer for remittance to the creditors, and the frequency and dates of the payments;
(l)  the term and expiry date of the contract;
(m)  if applicable, the fact that the merchant will receive or attempt to receive amounts from a creditor as consideration for entering into the contract;
(n)  if applicable, a description of the goods received in payment, as a trade-in or on account, their quantity, and the price agreed on for each of them; and
(o)  the right granted to the consumer to resolve the contract at his sole discretion within 10 days after that on which each of the parties is in possession of a copy of the contract.
The merchant must attach a resolution form in conformity with the model prescribed by regulation to the copy of the contract the merchant remits to the consumer.
2017, c. 242017, c. 24, s. 48.