P-40.1 - Consumer Protection Act

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187.10. For the purposes of this division, a contract relating to timeshare accommodation rights is a contract whose object is the obtaining, by onerous title, of
(a)  one or more accommodation rights, allowing the use of an accommodation unit or item of goods, whether situated in Québec or not, for a determinate or determinable period, with or without the possibility of exchanging the right as consideration for another determinate or determinable item of goods or service, including another accommodation unit;
(b)  points or any other medium of exchange conferring on the consumer the right to exchange them as consideration for one or more accommodation rights defined in subparagraph a;
(c)  a right to participate in an exchange system that allows the consumer to obtain, as consideration for the goods or services contemplated in subparagraphs a and b, another accommodation right, item of goods, service or benefit.
This division does not apply to a contract whose term is less than one year unless, by way of a clause of renewal or another stipulation, the contract could extend beyond a one-year period.
A consideration referred to in the first paragraph may be accompanied by a benefit, service or medium of exchange allowing the acquisition of goods or services and it may be offered by the merchant or by a third-party merchant with whom the merchant cooperates with a view to granting goods, services or other benefits under the contract relating to timeshare accommodation rights.
For the purposes of this division, any other contract having the characteristics determined by regulation is also a contract relating to timeshare accommodation rights.
2018, c. 142018, c. 14, s. 17.