P-40.1 - Consumer Protection Act

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112. A merchant who requires that the making of a credit contract be subordinate to the consumer entering into an insurance contract must inform the consumer, in accordance with the Act respecting the distribution of financial products and services (chapter D-9.2), that the consumer may purchase insurance from the insurer and insurance representative of the consumer’s choice or may fulfil that requirement through an existing insurance policy if the coverage meets the conditions required by the merchant.
The merchant may not, without reasonable grounds, refuse the insurance selected or already held by the consumer.
1978, c. 9, s. 112; 2017, c. 242017, c. 24, s. 21.
112. If subscription to an insurance policy is a condition of the making of a contract of credit, the consumer may fulfil this condition by means of an insurance policy he already holds.
The merchant must inform the consumer of such right in the manner prescribed by regulation.
1978, c. 9, s. 112.