M-30.001 - Act respecting the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs

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12.2. Without excluding the more specific powers granted for that purpose by other Acts under the Minister’s responsibility, the Minister may, by agreement approved by the Government, delegate the management of a program the Minister has prepared under this Act or another Act under the Minister’s responsibility to a municipality, another legal person, an Aboriginal community or any other body.
The management delegation agreement must include
(1)  the powers delegated and the delegatee’s obligations;
(2)  the objectives and targets to be achieved, including effectiveness and efficiency objectives and targets, and the information to be provided;
(3)  the rules relating to the contracts the delegatee may award;
(4)  the reports required on the achievement of the objectives and targets set;
(5)  the manner in which the Minister is to oversee the delegatee’s management and intervene if the objectives and targets are not achieved or seem likely not to be achieved;
(6)  the penalties applicable for failing to meet the obligations stipulated in the agreement; and
(7)  if the delegatee is a regional county municipality, the delegated powers that may be subdelegated to a local municipality whose territory is included in that of the regional county municipality, as well as the terms governing the subdelegation.
The exercise of powers by a delegatee or a subdelegatee under such an agreement is not binding on the State.
The Minister shall make the agreement public.
2020, c. 192020, c. 19, s. 4.