M-13.1 - Mining Act

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83.14. The Minister may, on his or her initiative or at the request of the claim holder, amalgamate map designated claims that are contiguous to and within the boundaries of a parcel of land whose area and form have been determined by the Minister in accordance with the third paragraph of section 42, to constitute a new map designated claim.
The application for amalgamation must be filed by the claim holder, using the form supplied by the Minister, and must contain the information and be accompanied with the fee prescribed by regulation.
The claim obtained by amalgamation replaces the amalgamated claims as of the issue of the certificate of registration of the new map designated claim, and the date of registration of the claim is deemed to be the date of amalgamation.
The amalgamation of claims under this section is carried out in accordance with sections 83.3 to 83.5.
2003, c. 15, s. 20.