L-7 - Act to combat poverty and social exclusion

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15. The action plan must also propose amendments to the Employment-Assistance Program, to the extent provided for by the Act respecting income support, employment assistance and social solidarity (chapter S-32.001), in particular
(1)  to eliminate the reductions of benefits resulting from the application of the provisions of that Act as regards shared housing and minimum lodging costs ;
(2)  to introduce the minimum benefit principle, a threshold below which benefits cannot be reduced by reason of the application of administrative penalties, setoff or a combination of both ;
(3)  to enable adults and families to own property and liquid assets of a value greater than the value allowed at the time the action plan is established, in order to encourage self-sufficiency or take into account transitory economic difficulties ; and
(4)  in respect of any family having a dependent child, to exclude an amount from child support income.
2002, c. 61, s. 15.