I-13.2.2 - Deposit Institutions and Deposit Protection Act

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1.13. Economic ties are considered to exist only between
(1)  natural persons between whom family ties are considered to exist;
(2)  the holder of a significant interest in a business corporation and the business corporation itself;
(3)  a partner in a partnership and the partnership;
(4)  each of the partners in a same partnership;
(5)  a legal person and its directors and officers; and
(6)  a person and a succession or trust in which the person has a substantial interest similar to that of a beneficiary or in respect of which the person serves as liquidator of the succession, trustee or other administrator of the property of others, mandatary or depositary.
Economic ties include any other ties between persons or groups that the Autorité des marchés financiers may determine by regulation.
2018, c. 232018, c. 23, s. 350.