E-9 - Act respecting private education

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68. In addition to the regulatory powers assigned to it by this Act, the Government, by regulation, upon the recommendation of the Minister who shall obtain the advice of the Commission, may:
(a)  determine the criteria, in addition to those provided by this Act, upon which a declaration of public interest shall be based;
(b)  determine the criteria whereby an institution may be recognized for purposes of grants;
(c)  determine the form and tenor of petitions for declarations of public interest or of applications for recognition for purposes of grants, and of applications for permits;
(d)  regulate the organization of education in institutions of education for handicapped children;
(e)  determine the form and tenor of attestations or certificates of studies;
(f)  determine the standards whereby examinations administered by an institution must be held, and the transmission of the results;
(g)  determine the form and tenor of forms or contracts for registration or for purchase of courses;
(h)  determine the rules and standards respecting the management of the affairs of institutions declared to be of public interest, including the tuition fees required of pupils, invitations to the public to subscribe for the shares of such institutions, the transfer of shares, the maximum number of shareholders, the authorized capital and the subscribed capital, dividends and the salaries of directors and teaching staff;
(i)  require of the person keeping an institution which has not been declared to be of public interest or been recognized for the purpose of grants, security to guarantee compliance with his obligations towards the pupils registered for his courses, and determine the amount and nature thereof and the procedure for dealing with the same if need be;
(j)  define the expression “lessons actually received” within the meaning of sections 62 and 63;
(k)  determine the form and organization of the intensive vocational instruction provided for in section 45;
(l)  exempt certain institutions from the obligation to hold a permit for self-improvement;
(m)  fix the time of payment of the grants provided for in sections 14 and 17;
(n)  exclude from the application of this act:
(1)  any class of persons who give education acting alone;
(2)  any organization, group of persons, association or syndicate which occasionally, without pecuniary gain and for its members, organizes education the object of which is connected with the pursuit of its objects;
(3)  any school instituted or administered by a corporation governing a liberal profession.
The regulations contemplated in the above sub-paragraphs shall come into force from the date of their publication in the Gazette officielle du Québec, or on any other date determined by the Government.
1968, c. 67, s. 67.