E-3.3 - Election Act

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233. The board of revisors sends the request for removal to the board of revisors for electors outside Québec, which makes the relevant inquiries with the assistance, if necessary, of the revising officers assigned to the boards of revisors in the different electoral divisions concerned.
1989, c. 1, s. 233; 1995, c. 23, s. 20; 2006, c. 17, s. 14.
233. For the purposes of updating the permanent list of electors, each returning officer shall transmit, to the chief electoral officer, the revised list of electors and the abstracts of changes, which must specify, where applicable, that the elector has availed himself of section 3 or that the striking of the elector’s name off the list is effective for the current election only.
1989, c. 1, s. 233; 1995, c. 23, s. 20.
233. The official list of electors for each electoral division shall consist of
(1)  the list of electors for each polling subdivision, prepared and revised in accordance with this chapter;
(2)  the names contained in the registry of electors outside Québec as established in accordance with section 8;
(3)  the list of electors for the houses of detention situated therein.
1989, c. 1, s. 233.